Isaiah 3:14-24 NIV

14 The LORD enters into judgment1 against the elders and leaders of his people: "It is you who have ruined my vineyard; the plunder2 from the poor3 is in your houses.

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15 What do you mean by crushing my people4 and grinding5 the faces of the poor?"6 declares the Lord, the LORD Almighty.7

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16 The LORD says, "The women of Zion8 are haughty, walking along with outstretched necks,9 flirting with their eyes, tripping along with mincing steps, with ornaments jingling on their ankles.

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17 Therefore the Lord will bring sores on the heads of the women of Zion; the LORD will make their scalps bald.10"

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18 In that day11 the Lord will snatch away their finery: the bangles and headbands and crescent necklaces,12

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19 the earrings and bracelets13 and veils,14

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20 the headdresses15 and ankle chains and sashes, the perfume bottles and charms,

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21 the signet rings and nose rings,16

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22 the fine robes and the capes and cloaks,17 the purses

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23 and mirrors, and the linen garments18 and tiaras19 and shawls.

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24 Instead of fragrance20 there will be a stench;21 instead of a sash,22 a rope; instead of well-dressed hair, baldness;23 instead of fine clothing, sackcloth;24 instead of beauty,25 branding.26

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