There are times when I feel the need to recommit my heart to Jesus. You too? We can feel pulled away. We can feel frightened by sins that come into sharp focus, while God is doing His good pruning work in our lives. We can see the plots of the evil one against our spirits. We see the failures of our will and how we could have prevented those — if we had just been faithful this way or that way. And all those things being true, when I recommit my heart to Jesus, I think of His great grace. It truly is inexhaustible. And I am forever grateful for that fact.

I think about the character of Jesus to be present with us through His merits. He made a way to be present with us all the time — even in the midst of our most disappointing failures. Even the repeat, I-should-have-been-cured-of-this-by-now failures. He draws near to the heart, mind, will, and soul even when those failures occur. Even while they are happening, He whispers in our ear: You are as good as complete. You are finished in my eyes. You are past-tense glorified in the heavenly places. He whispers hope.

When I groan/bemoan a repeat sin, I trust that this fight, this war, will soon be past. I picture myself in the heavenly places where my life is literally safe in the hands of Jesus by His incredible grace. I’m complete. I’m a heavenly citizen, waiting for my new earth.