Fairest Lord Jesus. Do you think of Him as fair, as wonderful, as marvelous? I do. I love to consider myself a person who has been enraptured by Him, taken with Him, walking to Him, and asking Him questions throughout my day. He is the reason I’m never alone, never lonely. I know that He comes when I call, that He rules the universe and rules my life. I love that Jesus is mine, and I am His. By faith, I consider myself to be in a love relationship with him, both now and always. What do you want of Jesus, and what do you think He wants of you.

Consider that He saved you from your sins because He wants you. Simple, right? But true. He wants you – you the person – for Himself. It’s a sweet and marvelous reality. He wants to know you and be known by you. He loves you the person. And we love Him, the Person.

I’ve spent a good amount of time studying the Bible in college and seminary. And through these times, I’ve come to be devoted to the Scriptures — and that’s a good thing. Yet, I’ve been missing much in my daily perspective, to my shame, detriment, and disappointment: the reality of the connection of my mind, heart, and will to the Person, Jesus Christ. He has been taming me, wrangling me, harnessing me, and holding me from every direction until I sit, pause, reflect, and desire Him. Man and God. Very God of very God. True Man — Son of Man. True God — Son of God. Our Jesus.