What Does It Really Mean That Jesus Was Sent to Save?

What Does It Really Mean That Jesus Was Sent to Save?

The holidays aren’t happy for everyone. For some, the holiday season brings painful memories of loss, loneliness, and hurt to the surface. Everyday struggles can become more prominent as the world prepares to celebrate the season. But make no mistake – Christmas is for everyone. Christmas celebrates the birth of our Savior, Christ Jesus. Sent to earth to save us, He arrived in the town of Bethlehem to do the will of God who sent Him. The apostle Luke recorded the message from the heavenly angels the night of Jesus’ birth:

Our everyday lives are littered with miracles. We know this because Christ Jesus promised, “I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly” (John 10:10).

Abundant life on this earth is a miracle! A Christmas miracle! And it happens every day, because our lives are entwined by the sacrifice He made to save us. Abundant life cannot be purchased by anything we earn on this earth. Abundant life doesn’t equate the abundance many of us accumulate. Abundant life is found in the baby born in Bethlehem, who was sent from heaven to save us. Through Him, we gain a powerful perspective as we learn to embrace the purpose God set in each of us specifically. Jesus was clear – He came to earth to bring glory to His Father in heaven. We, too, share the same purpose: to bring glory to God with our everyday lives.

Too often lives are lost because we don’t understand how valuable each one is. Look at the life of Jesus on this earth. The same care of the Father to His Son is extended to us. Our everyday lives are meaningful to God. We are meaningful to Him. He loves us so much, He sent His one and only Son to earth to sacrifice His life for ours. So we could live our lives to the full – and on to eternity – home in heaven with Him. We are all known. We are all loved. Not one of us is ever alone. He is always with us, for us, hears us, defends us, and protects us.

Accomplished by seeking Him with all of our hearts, minds and souls, our faith is put in motion the moment we believe in Christ Jesus. Maybe the miracle this Christmas will be you realizing who you are – a child of the Most High God, waiting to claim the crown with your name on it, through Christ Jesus who was sent to save. Merry Christmas.

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