What Is the Cry of Our Father’s Heart?

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What Is the Cry of Our Father’s Heart?

Sometimes people will wonder what is in the Father’s heart. I want to bring to your attention two portions of Scripture that will give you insight into this issue. As you read them see if you can hear God’s heart in them. Here are those two Scriptures.

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Above every other people on the face of the earth, the church must align its agenda with the Father’s heart. You don’t have to be a Bible scholar to know what is in the Father’s heart. Here are two verses that spell it out very clearly.

The Father’s heart is a heart that is always reaching to those who are lost. His number one agenda is to reach those who are separated from him, which by the way is what you and I were. If we are going to be aligned with the Father’s heart, than our heart should always be reaching. I want to ask you some questions so that you can make sure your heart is focused and in alignment with the Father’s heart. (Don’t worry I am asking myself these questions too.)

When was the last time you loved an enemy and prayed for those who persecuted you? 

By praying, I am not saying praying for their demise or God’s judgment to be poured out on them, but pray that they would find God’s mercy and grace to transform their heart.

Do you spend more time in God’s presence or in the presence of your favorite news outlet? 

The difference is that time in God’s presence softens and enlarges your heart. Time elsewhere hardens and closes your heart.

How do you respond to people who disagree with you? Do you find yourself filled with anger or filled with compassion?

If you remember in Luke 9, the Bible tells us Jesus wept over the city of Jerusalem. The reason he wept is because they missed their moment and missed who he was. Notice he didn’t respond with anger, but he wept because that is the Father’s heart. Yes, God is a righteous judge and there is a time and place for that, but that is not his first response. God is neither quick to become angry nor is he quick to judge. We should be the same way. When God judges he does it from a place of righteousness. Because he is just, he is required to judge, but don’t think for a moment that God’s heart doesn’t break over those that choose to reject him. We must have that same heart. 

The same question God asked Isaiah is the same question God is asking today. Who will go for us? As Jesus said, the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few. What God is looking for are people who will put aside everything that doesn’t look like him. Everything that does not truly reflect his character and his image. Everything that is motivated by self-interest and selfish desires. Everything that advances the goals of a party, a nation, a race, a people, a movement over the advancement of the gospel and the kingdom of God.

God is looking for people who will put the cross first, who will die to themselves and who will take up that cross and follow Jesus. This is the work of the gospel, and our world is crying out for people who are willing to do that work. The simple question for you is will you answer the call?

Every now and then it is good to take inventory of where you are. Even those with the best intentions can get off track, and when that happens we need to refocus, repent, and renew. My prayer is that we would all get back to the mission, and most importantly stay on mission. Jesus left us here to be salt and light. Let’s make sure that is what we are doing and being. When we begin seeing the lost as God sees them, then we are aligning with the Father’s heart.

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