The overturning of Roe v. Wade by the Supreme Court was a landmark decision in our country. It was the answer to a prayer many have sought for decades. As I take a step back and consider the gravity of this decision, surprisingly I have discovered a heaviness looming in my heart.

To be clear I am not grieving over the decision, I am grieving over a truth this decision has once again exposed about our nation. The fact is our nation is sorely divided, and what’s worse is it seems like the divide is widening. At the same time, while some are declaring victory in the streets, others are marching in worry, frustration, fear, and anger because they believe their rights have been stripped away.

This has now added one more element of explosiveness to a powder keg that was already full. It feels like our divided country is a ticking timebomb. When I think about what Jesus said about a divided house, I believe this is the reason my heart is grieved.    

In the wake of how polarized our country has become, my fear is that we are that kingdom on the verge of ruin. Perhaps what is even more disturbing are the political and social divides that have invaded our nation have also invaded the church – and this includes the Roe v Wade decision.

In the wake of this decision, I want to speak to the true followers of Christ – those who are more than casual onlookers or Sunday morning saints, but those who have decided to take up their cross and follow Jesus with a heart that is truly surrendered to him. I am talking to those who desire God’s will above anything else, who seek God’s heart above anything else, and who truly see and love people the same way God does. Those who want the name of Jesus glorified above any person, political party, or agenda, and see Jesus as the true hope for our nation.