2 Chronicles 4

The Book of 2 Chronicles
Chapter 4

Chapter Overview:

The brazen altar, sea and lavers, ver. 1 - 5.
The golden candlesticks and tables, ver. 7, 8.
The doors overlaid with brass, the vessels of the altar, and other brass work, ver. 9 - 18.
The golden altar of incense with its appurtenances, ver. 19 - 22.


4:7Their form - The old form which God prescribed to Moses.
4:8Ten tables - Whereon the shew - bread was set, ver. 19 .Perhaps each of these had twelve loaves on it. As the house was enlarged, so was the provision.
4:16His father - He is so called because Solomon usually called him by that name out of that great respect which he bare to him for his excellent art and service which he did for him: it being usual to call great artists and inventors of things by this name.
4:20The manner - According to the prescription of God to Moses.
4:22Of gold - In part; they were made of wood, but covered with golden plates.