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NOTES ON The First Book of KINGS

NOTES ON The First Book of KINGS

The two books of Samuel are an introduction to the two books ofChapter Overview:

Kings, as they relate the original of the royal government in Saul, and of the royal family in David. These two books give us an account of David's successor, Solomon, the division of his kingdom, and the several kings of Israel and Judah, down to the captivity. And in these special regard is had to the house of David, from which Christ came. Some of his sons trod in his steps, and their reigns were usually long, whereas those of the wicked kings were usually short: so that the state of Judah (in Israel all the kings were wicked) was not so bad as it would otherwise have been. In this first book we have, The death of David, chap. 1, 2. The glorious reign of Solomon,
chap. 3 - 10. His defection, chap. 11. The division of the kingdom
between Rehoboam and Jeroboam, chap. 12 - 14. The reigns of Abijah
and Asa over Judah, of Basha and Omni over Israel, chap. 15, 16. The history of Elijah, chap. 17 - 19. Ahab's success,
wickedness, and death, chap. 20 - 22.