Isaiah 45

The Book of Isaiah
Chapter 45

Chapter Overview:

Cyrus's work and strength foretold, ver. 1 - 4.
God hath all power, ver. 5 - 12.
Will assist Cyrus, ver. 13, 14.
The mystery of providence, ver. 15.
Idols and their worshippers shall be destroyed, and God alone exalted, ver. 16 - 21.
The Gentiles come in to Christ, ver. 22, 23.
45:1His anointed - His king, whom God has designed, and separated, and fitted, in all respects, for this work. Loose - I will take away their girdle, which was about their loins; their power and authority, whereof that was an ensign. Gates - The great and magnificent gates of their cities and palaces, which shall be opened to him as conqueror.
45:2Go - To remove all obstructions, to destroy all them that oppose thee, and carry thee through the greatest difficulties.
45:3The treasures - Such as have been long kept in dark and secret places.
45:4I have - I knew, and called thee by thy name, when thou didst neither know nor think of me; nay, when thou hadst no being.
45:5I girded - I made thee strong and active, and disposed thee for these great and warlike enterprizes.
45:6That - That all nations may know it by my foretelling these things so long before, and by the wonderful success that I shall give thee, and by my over - ruling thine heart and counsels, to the deliverance of my people.
45:7Light - All mens comforts and calamities come from thy hand.
45:8Drop - The righteous and gracious acts of God for his people, shall be so many, as if God rained showers of righteousness out of heaven.Open - Open itself to bring forth those fruits which may be expected from such showers. Them - The heavens and the earth conspiring together.Together - Together with salvation. It - This great work of salvation and righteousness; whereof, tho' Cyrus is the instrument, I am the author.
45:9Woe - As God here makes many glorious promises to Cyrus, so he pronounces a curse upon them, who should endeavour to hinder him.Contend - Contend, if you please, with your fellow creatures, but not with your creator. Or - He turns his speech to the potter.
45:11Thus saith - Will you not allow me that liberty which yourselves take, of disposing of my own children and works, as I see fit?
45:13Him - Cyrus. In righteousness - Most justly, to punish the wicked Babylonians, to plead the cause of the oppressed ones, to manifest my righteousness, and truth, and goodness.
45:14The labour - The wealth gotten by their labour.Thee - Jerusalem shall not only be rebuilt, but the wealth and glory of other countries shall be brought to it again. This was in part verified in Jerusalem; but it was much more fully accomplished in the church of the gospel, in the accession of the Gentiles to that church which began in Jerusalem, and from thence spread itself into all the parts of the world. Come over - They shall be taken captive by thee, and willingly submit themselves to thee.
45:15Verily - These are the words of the prophet, on contemplation of the various dispensations of God towards his church, and in the world.Hidest - Thy counsels are deep and incomprehensible, thy ways are past finding out.
45:19In secret - The Heathen idols deliver oracles in obscure cells and caverns: but I have delivered my oracles to Israel publickly and plainly. In vain - Serve and worship me for nought. As I appointed them work, so from time to time I have given them abundant recompence.Right - I require nothing of my people which is not highly just and good.
45:20Draw near - To hear what I have said, and am now about to say.Of the nations - The remnant of the Gentiles, who survive the many destructions, which I am bringing upon the Heathen nations.
45:21Take counsel - To maintain the cause of their idols.This - This great work, Babylon's destruction, and the redemption of God's people.
45:23In righteousness - It is what I will faithfully perform.Return - Without effect. It is a metaphor from ambassadors, who sometimes return to their princes without any success in their business.Every tongue - Not only the Jews, but all nations.
45:24In the Lord - By or from God alone, or the Messiah, who is the true Jehovah as well as man. Righteousness - To justify me from all things which I could not be justified by the law of Moses.Strength - Support and assistance to bear all my burdens, overcome all my enemies, and perform all my duties. Men - The Gentiles shall come to Christ. Ashamed - But all his implacable enemies shall be brought to shame.
45:25All - All Israelites indeed, whether Jews or Gentiles.