Proverbs 23

The Book of Proverbs
Chapter 23
23:1Ruler - With a great man.
23:2Put a knife - Restrain thine appetite, as if a man stood with a knife at thy throat.
23:3Deceitful - They do not yield thee that satisfaction which thou didst expect from them.
23:4Thine own wisdom - From worldly wisdom, which persuades men to use all possible means to get riches.
23:5Set thine eyes - Look upon it with earnestness and desire.Is not - Which has no solid and settled being. Eagle - Swiftly, strongly, and irrecoverably.
23:6Evil eye - Of the envious or covetous man.
23:7So is he - You are not to judge of him by his words, but by the constant temper of his mind.
23:8Vomit up - When thou perceivest his churlish disposition, his meat will be loathsome to thee. Sweet words - Thy pleasant discourse wherewith thou didst design to delight and profit him.
23:9Of a fool - Cast not away good counsels upon incorrigible sinners.
23:10Enter not - To possess their lands.
23:11Redeemer - Heb. their near kinsman, to whom it belongs to avenge their wrongs, and to recover and maintain their rights.
23:13Shall not die - It is a likely way to prevent his destruction.
23:16My reins - I shall rejoice with all my soul.
23:18An end - An expected and happy end for such as fear God.
23:19Guide - Order the whole course of thine affections and actions.In the way - In God's way.
23:23Buy - Purchase it upon any terms, spare no pains or cost.Truth - The true and saving knowledge of God's will. Sell it not - Do not forsake it for any worldly advantage.
23:26Give me - Solomon here speaks in God's name.
23:30Mixt wine - Either mixed with water, or with other ingredients to make it strong and delicious.
23:31Red - Which was the colour of the best wines in that country.Aright - When it sparkles, and seems to smile upon a man.
23:34Lieth down - To sleep. Sea - In a ship in the midst of the sea.
23:35Sick - I was not sensible of it. Again - At present my condition requires sleep to settle myself, and when I am composed, I purpose to return to my former course.