Proverbs 3

The Book of Proverbs
Chapter 3

Chapter Overview:

An exhortation to be steadily religious, ver. 1 - 4.
To trust God, ver. 5, 6.
To fear him, ver. 7, 8.
To honour him with our substance, ver. 9, 10.
To bear affliction well, ver. 11 - 12.
The praise of wisdom, ver. 13 - 20.
The good effects of adhering to it, ver. 21 - 26.
Caution, against uncharitableness, strife, envy; if we would avoid a curse and inherit a blessing, ver. 27 - 35.
3:1My law - The law of God, which might be called his law, as the gospel is called Paul's gospel, 2:8 , because delivered by him.
3:3Mercy - Mercy denotes all benignity, charity, and readiness to do good to others: truth or faithfulness respects all those duties which we owe to God or man, which we have special obligation from the rules of justice. Bind them - Like a chain, wherewith persons adorn their necks.Table - In thy mind and heart, in which all God's commands are to be received and engraven.
3:4Understanding - Whereby to know thy duty, and to discern between good and evil. Of God - Grace or favour with God, and that understanding which is good in God's sight.
3:5Trust - Wholly rely upon God's promises and providences.Lean not - Under this one kind of carnal confidence, he understands all other confidence in bodily strength, wealth, or friends.
3:8Navel - To thy body, which is signified by one part of it.Marrow - Which is the nourishment and strength of the bones.
3:9Substance - Lay out thy estate not to please thyself, but to glorify God. First - fruits - Or, with the chief or best; which answers to the first - fruits under the law.
3:10So - This is not the way to diminish thy estate, but rather to increase it.
3:11Despise not - Either by making light of it, or not being duly affected with it; or by accounting it an unnecessary thing: but rather esteem it a privilege and favour from God. Weary - Neither think it tedious or hard, but endure it with patience and chearfulness.
3:13Findeth - Which supposes his diligent searching for it.
3:17Peace - Procure a blessed tranquility in a man's mind and conscience.
3:18A tree - A pledge of everlasting life. He alludes to the tree of life, and intimates, that this is the only restorer of that life which we have lost by sin.
3:19Wisdom - Either by Christ, or by that Divine perfection of wisdom, which is the fountain of wisdom in man.
3:20The depths - That great abyss contained in the bowels of the earth, breaks forth into fountains and rivers.
3:21Eyes - The eyes of thy mind. Constantly and seriously meditate upon them.
3:22Grace - Like a beautiful chain or ornament.
3:25Be not - Thou shalt not be afraid. Sudden - For sudden and unexpected evils are most frightful. And fear is here put for the evils feared. Desolation - Which cometh upon the wicked.
3:26Shall be - A sure ground of confidence to thee. Taken - In the snares either of sin or mischief.
3:27With - hold not - Do not deny it, but readily and chearfuly impart it. Good - Any thing which is good, either counsel, comfort, reproof, or the good things of the present life. Due - That is, to all men, by that great and sovereign law of love.
3:28Say not - The former verse forbad the denial, and this forbids the delay of this duty.
3:29Securely - Relying upon thine integrity.
3:31Envy not - For his impunity and success.
3:32Abomination - Therefore sooner or later he must be miserable.The righteous - They are God's friends, to whom he imparts the favours and comforts to which other men are strangers.
3:33The house - Not only upon his own person, but also upon his posterity.
3:35Shame - Instead of that glory which they seek.