Replace a Trash Bag with a Suitcase for a Foster Kid

Psalms 43

The Book of Psalms
Chapter 43

Chapter Overview:

The psalmist appeals to God, ver. 1, 2.
Prays to be restored to the public ordinances, and trusts in God, ver. 3 - 5.
43:1Nation - So he calls the company of his enemies for their great numbers. Man - Probably Achitophel or Absalom.
43:3Send out - That is, actually discover them. Truth - Thy favour, or the light of thy countenance, and the truth of thy promises made to me; or the true - light, the illumination of thy spirit, and the direction of thy gracious providence, whereby I may be led in the right way, to thy holy hill. Hill - Of Zion, the place of God's presence and worship.