Psalms 44

The Book of Psalms
Chapter 44

Chapter Overview:

The church commemorates past mercies, ver. 1 - 8.
Complains of present troubles, ver. 9 - 16.
Professes her integrity, ver. 17 - 22.
Prays for succour, ver. 23 - 26.
To the chief musician for the sons of Korah, Maschil.
44:4My king - The whole people speak as one man, being united in one body.
44:11Scattered - Those who were not slain are carried into captivity, and dispersed in several places.
44:16Avenger - Who executeth both God's and his own vengeance upon me.
44:17Yet - Although we cannot excuse ourselves from many other sins, yet through thy grace we have kept ourselves from apostacy and idolatry, notwithstanding all examples and provocations.
44:18Turned - From thy worship to idols.
44:19Broken us - By inflicting upon us one breach after another, thou hast at last brought us to this pass. The place - A place extremely desolate, such as dragons love, Isaiah 13:21 ,22, and therefore full of horror, and danger. Covered us - With deadly horrors and miseries.
44:22Yea - Because we are constant in thy worship, which they abhor.
44:25Our soul - Our persons. Our belly - We are not only thrown down to the earth, but we lie there like dead carcases.