Ruth 3

The Book of Ruth
Chapter 3

Chapter Overview:

The directions Naomi gives to Ruth, ver. 1 - 5.
Her punctual observance of them, ver. 6, 7.
The honourable treatment which Boaz gave her, ver. 8 - 15.
Her return to Naomi, ver. 16 - 18.
3:1Rest - A life of rest, and comfort, and safety, under the care of a good husband.
3:2Threshing - floor - Which was in a place covered at the top, but open elsewhere, whither Ruth might easily come. And this work of winnowing corn was usually ended with a feast.
3:3Raiment - Thy best raiment. Known - In so familiar a way, as thou mayest do hereafter.
3:4Uncover his feet - Remove the clothes that were upon his feet; thereby to awaken him. Will tell thee - What course thou shalt take to obtain that marriage which belongs unto thee.
3:8At midnight - He did not discover her sooner.
3:9Spread thy Skirt - That is, take me to be thy wife, and perform the duty of an husband to me.
3:10Shewed kindness - Both to thy deceased husband, the continuance of whose name and memory thou seekest; and to thy mother - in - law, whose commands thou hast punctually obeyed. Followedst not - To seek thy marriage here, or in thy own country, as thou wouldst have done if thou hadst not preferred obedience to God's command, before pleasing thyself.
3:13Perform, &c. - Take thee to wife, to raise up seed to his brother.Bishop Hall sums up the matter thus. "Boaz, instead of touching her as a wanton, blesseth her as a father, encourages her as a friend, promises her as a kinsman, rewards her as a patron, and sends her away laden with hopes and gifts, no less chast, but more happy than she came. O admirable temperance, worthy the progenitor of him, in whose lips and heart there was no guile!"
3:14Let it not, &c. - He takes care to preserve not only his conscience towards God, but his reputation, and hers also, among men.
3:15Veil - Or, the apron.
3:16Who art thou? - This is not a question of doubting, but of wonder, as if she had said, Art thou in very deed my daughter? I can hardly believe it. How camest thou hither in this manner, and thus early?