Zechariah 2

The Book of Zechariah
Chapter 2

Chapter Overview:

A vision signifying the prosperous state of Jerusalem, ver. 1 - 5.
An exhortation to the Jews, to hasten into their own land, ver. 6 - 9.
Encouragement to them that were returned, and advice to wait patiently for God, ver. 10 - 13.
2:1With a line - Ready and prepared to lay out the platform of Jerusalem.
2:2To measure - To take the exact dimensions of it, that it may answer God's promise, and be capable to receive its inhabitants.Jerusalem - The city which was to be built hereafter.
2:3The angel - Christ, who had so long talked with Zechariah.Went forth - From the midst of the myrtle - trees.
2:4And he said - Christ to that angel who came to meet him.Run - Hasten and tell Zechariah. As towns - The suburbs of it shall be as towns unwalled, for extent and for safety.
2:5The glory - My presence and favour shall make her glorious.
2:6Ho, ho - Ye sleepy Jews. Come forth - Come out from your prisons. Flee - Make all the haste you can.From the land - Babylon, which lay north of Canaan.For I have spread you abroad - As I executed my threats in scattering you, so I will perform my promise, and gather you.
2:7Deliver thyself - Accept of thy deliverance.
2:8After the glory - After that he is become your glory, I am to avenge you of your enemies.
2:9Upon them - Against the nation that doth violence to my people.Unto their servants - Unto the Jews, who were first spoiled by, and then made servants to them. Hath sent me - To inform them of my father's will.
2:10I come - To execute judgments on thine adversaries, and to compleat thy deliverance and salvation. I will dwell - This was fulfilled in part to the Jews, but more fully to the gospel church.
2:11Shall be joined - Shall worship the God of Israel.In that day - When Christ shall come in the flesh, and take down the partition wall. Sent me - The Messiah.
2:12Shall inherit - Claim, recover, possess, and delight in, as a man doth in his paternal inheritance.
2:13Be silent - Reverence and adore God, and expect the accomplishment of his word. All flesh - Both Jew and Gentile.He is raised up - God is on this work already, and he will not sit down again, 'till he has accomplished his whole work.