Beard [N] [S]

The mode of wearing it was definitely prescribed to the Jews ( Leviticus 19:27 ; 21:5 ). Hence the import of Ezekiel's ( 5:1-4 ) description of the "razor" i.e., the agents of an angry providence being used against the guilty nation of the Jews. It was a part of a Jew's daily toilet to anoint his beard with oil and perfume ( Psalms 133:2 ). Beards were trimmed with the most fastidious care ( 2 Samuel 19:24 ), and their neglet was an indication of deep sorrow ( Isaiah 15:2 ; Jeremiah 41:5 ). The custom was to shave or pluck off the hair as a sign of mourning ( Isaiah 50:6 ; Jeremiah 48:37 ; Ezra 9:3 ). The beards of David's ambassadors were cut off by hanun ( 2 Samuel 10:4 ) as a mark of indignity.

On the other hand, the Egyptians carefully shaved the hair off their faces, and they compelled their slaves to do so also ( Genesis 41:14 ).

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