Have you heard of the "Ten Commandments Project?" It encourages young people 16 and younger to memorize the Ten Commandments by paying them ten dollars for the feat. George and Marion Kelly started the project in 1997 as an attempt to stem the tide of destructive conduct in young people. The children must recite the Ten Commandments before a witness like a minister, rabbi, Sunday School teacher, etc. A signed document is sent to the Kelly's and the check follows.

The Kelly's hope that ten million children will memorize the Ten Commandments in the next ten years. The Kelly's have invested some of their own money into the project. The organization is now accepting donations from others who share their vision. This is a laudable concept. We can hope that children would both learn the Ten Commandments and then also learn to live by them. Those who base their ethic on the Ten Commandments will discover that it is worth much more than ten dollars.

-Michael Shannon, Preaching March/April 2003