Proverbs 16:15

15 When a king’s face brightens, it means life; his favor is like a rain cloud in spring.

Proverbs 16:15 in Other Translations

15 In the light of the king's countenance is life; and his favour is as a cloud of the latter rain.
15 In the light of a king's face there is life, and his favor is like the clouds that bring the spring rain.
15 When the king smiles, there is life; his favor refreshes like a spring rain.
15 Good-tempered leaders invigorate lives; they're like spring rain and sunshine.
15 When a king's face lights up, there is life; his favor is like a cloud with spring rain.

Proverbs 16:15 Meaning and Commentary

Proverbs 16:15

In the light of the king's countenance [is] life
When he looks with a pleasant smiling countenance on a person that has been under his displeasure, and especially if under a sentence of death, it is as life from the dead: so the light of the countenance of God, the King of kings; the discoveries of his love, the manifestations of himself, his gracious presence, communion with him, the comforts of his Spirit, the joys of his salvation, are life unto his people, invigorate their graces, quicken their souls, and make them cheerful; see ( Psalms 30:5 ) ( Psalms 4:6 Psalms 4:7 ) . And how delightful and pleasant is the countenance of Christ; which is like Lebanon, excellent as the cedars; and is as the sun when it shineth in its strength; and who himself is the sun of righteousness, that arises on his people with healing in his wings! How reviving his love! how comfortable fellowship with him! his absence is as death, his presence gives life; and his favour [is] as a cloud of the latter rain:
which falling a little before harvest, as was usual in Judea, revived the corn and filled it: and such is the favour of God in Christ, which is free, distinguishing, and undeserved, as rain is; the objects of it are very unworthy; and it is given often unasked for, as well as undeserved, in great abundance, and causes great cheerfulness and fruitfulness: and such is the layout of Christ, in coming into the world in the last days to save sinners his coming is said to be as the former and the latter rain, ( Hosea 6:3 ) . He came from heaven, as that does; is the free gift of God, as that is; is in consequence of a decree, as that; and came suddenly, and with great acceptance to those, who knew him and waited for him; and his spiritual coming unto his people, and the discoveries of his love and free favour to them, are very reviving, cheering, and refreshing; see ( Psalms 72:6 ) .

Proverbs 16:15 In-Context

13 Kings take pleasure in honest lips; they value the one who speaks what is right.
14 A king’s wrath is a messenger of death, but the wise will appease it.
15 When a king’s face brightens, it means life; his favor is like a rain cloud in spring.
16 How much better to get wisdom than gold, to get insight rather than silver!
17 The highway of the upright avoids evil; those who guard their ways preserve their lives.

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