Salmos 119:122

122 Responde por tu siervo para bien: No me hagan violencia los soberbios.

Salmos 119:122 Meaning and Commentary

Psalms 119:122

Be surety for thy servant for good
The psalmist was, in a like case with Hezekiah, oppressed; and therefore desires the Lord would undertake for him, appear on his side, and defend him, ( Psalms 38:14 ) ; and if God himself is the surety of his people, and engages in their behalf, they need fear no enemy. What David prays to God to be for him, that Christ is for all his people, ( Hebrews 7:22 ) . He drew nigh to God, struck hands with him, gave his word and bond to pay the debts of his people; put himself in their legal place and stead, and became responsible to law and justice for them; engaged to make satisfaction for their sins, to bring in everlasting righteousness for their justification, and to preserve and keep them, and bring them safe to eternal glory and happiness; and this was being a surety for them for good. The Syriac version is, "delight that servant with good things"; and to the same sense the Targum and Kimchi interpret it: but Jarchi and Aben Ezra take the word to have the same meaning we do; and so Aquila and Theodotion translate it: the sense Arama gives is,

``be surety for thy servant, that I may be good;''

let not the proud oppress me;
the oppressors of God's people are generally proud; they are such who deal in proud wrath; it is in their pride, and owing to it, they persecute them, ( Psalms 10:2 ) . This has been their character in all ages, and agrees with the man of sin and his followers, who is king over all the children of pride; but wherein such men deal proudly and oppress, God is higher than they, and therefore most proper to be applied unto.

Salmos 119:122 In-Context

120 Mi carne se ha extremecido por temor de ti; Y de tus juicios tengo miedo.
121 AIN. Juicio y justicia he hecho; No me dejes á mis opresores.
122 Responde por tu siervo para bien: No me hagan violencia los soberbios.
123 Mis ojos desfallecieron por tu salud, Y por el dicho de tu justicia.
124 Haz con tu siervo según tu misericordia, Y enséñame tus estatutos.