Salmos 119:123

123 Mis ojos desfallecieron por tu salud, Y por el dicho de tu justicia.

Salmos 119:123 Meaning and Commentary

Psalms 119:123

Mine eyes fail for that salvation
For temporal salvation or deliverance from oppressors; and for spiritual salvation, for views of an interest in it, the joys and comforts of it; and for the Messiah, the author of it; whom he was looking wistfully for, but, not coming so soon as expected, his eyes were tired and weary, and ready to fail, and his heart to faint; (See Gill on Psalms 119:81);

and for the word of thy righteousness;
for the word of promise, which the righteousness or faithfulness of God was engaged to perform; or for the law of God, the rule of righteousness, and which shows what righteousness God requires; and for the bringing in of that righteousness of the Messiah, which could answer its demands; or for the Gospel, and more clear administration of it, which is called the word of righteousness, ( Hebrews 5:13 ) ; in which the righteousness of God is revealed; the righteousness which Christ, who is God as well as man, has wrought out; and which his Father has approved of, accepted, and imputes to his people, and justifies them with; and which word also teaches men to live soberly, righteously, and godly.

Salmos 119:123 In-Context

121 AIN. Juicio y justicia he hecho; No me dejes á mis opresores.
122 Responde por tu siervo para bien: No me hagan violencia los soberbios.
123 Mis ojos desfallecieron por tu salud, Y por el dicho de tu justicia.
124 Haz con tu siervo según tu misericordia, Y enséñame tus estatutos.
125 Tu siervo soy yo, dame entendimiento; Para que sepa tus testimonios.