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  • Or, Gospel Light, Fetched outo of Temple at Jerusalem; to Let Us More Easily into the Glory of New-Testament Truths.

  • Efesios 1

  • Efesios 6

  • The happy effects of the pouring out of the spirit.

  • The Heidelberg, or Palatinate, Catechism was compiled in Heidelberg by the German theologians Caspar Olevianus (1536-87) and Zacharias Ursinus (1534-83), at the request of the Elector Frederick III (1515-76) of the Palatinate. It was published in 1563 and has been translated into all the languages of Europe. It is the standard of the Dutch and German Reformed churches of America.

  • The Gift of Righteousness

  • Regeneration by faith. Of repentance.

  • Attendance in Places of religious Worship, where the Divine Name is recorded, encouraged.

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