What is the Fear of the Lord?

In the video above, Zach Schlegel answers the question: "What is the Fear of the Lord?"

Video Transcription: As a Christian, when I look at my sin and I look at the holiness of God, that there is a right sense of terror in the sense that it's a fearful thing to fall into the hands of a living God is what Hebrews says. At the same time, I don't think that God wants us to be afraid of him. 

Ed Welch has written a really helpful book called When People Are Big and God is Small and basically what he's arguing for is that we're either going to fear God or fear man and something's going to control us. It's talking more about this idea of reverence. That if God is big in my mind, if I'm seeing the God of the Bible, then I'm not going to fear man. They're not going to control me in how I make my decision and try to please them. But rather I'm going to seek to please God because he's huge and he's powerful and he's wise, he's good. All the things that Bible describes to be true about God.

So when I think about the fear of God, I'm thinking more of a reverence of God. I'm going to take him seriously. That when he says something, I'm going to listen to him and willing to heed what he says.  Proverbs 8:13 talks about the fact that the fear of the Lord is a hatred of evil. So I'm going to hate what it evil.  I'm going to love what's good. I'm going to seek to be obedient to God because I take him serious.