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Kirstyn Mayden

Kirstyn Mayden is a Christian blogger who writes devotionals that empower and equip believers in their everyday lives. She is a wife, Mom, and loves Jesus. She has a Master of Divinity degree from Emory University in Atlanta, GA. For the last 20 years, Kirstyn has served in several ministry capacities. She has a passion to serve with women empowering them to grow and live out their God-given purpose. Currently, she serves alongside her husband in ministry in West Virginia. She is the author of Merciful Moments: A Devotional Journal for Moving Forward with Grace Each Day. Connect with Kirstyn’s blog here.

5 Inspiring Prayers for When Life Is Unexpected

Navigating unexpected circumstances can be challenging, but we don’t have to go through them alone. If you are facing an unexpected new move, illness, job loss, strained relationship, or change of course, don’t lose heart. God will cover you and provide you with peace when you don’t see the way forward.

Journal Through These 5 Psalms When You Worry

We all worry and have daily anxieties that keep us up at night. However, there is good news today. God is with us when we worry.

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5 Ways to Reconnect with God When You Feel Distant

Life gets busy fast, and despite our best hopes and efforts, sometimes we get wrapped up in other things and begin to feel far from God. When you find yourself in this season, take heart! God is always ready to welcome you back as you seek Him! Try one of these five ways to reconnect with Him when you've been feeling distant.

5 Prayers of Gratitude to Encourage Thankfulness All Year

November rings in the holidays and the season of thankfulness. But the Bible tells us that we should give thanks every day of the year! That can feel like a big ask sometimes, but whether it feels easy or difficult to be thankful, our Father in Heaven loves to hear our prayers of thanksgiving.

5 Comforting Verses to Reaffirm God's Grace

Grace is a free gift given to Christians at salvation. Despite our sinful nature, God’s grace and favor is available. Why is it important to receive God’s grace and view it as the amazing gift it is? It is important because it allows us to live and walk in a state of continual humility and repentance. God’s grace provides us hope that there is forgiveness and redemption for our sin, and that each day is another opportunity to extend that same grace to others.

Grace is not given to a select few, but to all who accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. Whatever season or situation you may currently be facing, God’s grace is available to you. Below are five comforting verses that encourage and remind us of the power of receiving God’s grace in our lives.

4 Uplifting Lessons from Hannah's Life and Prayer

Like Hannah, we also face difficult challenges and difficult seasons in life, but being diligent in seeking God in prayer will guide, uplift, and encourage us to move forward in faith. Our circumstances may not always yield our desired outcome, but God wants us to continuously pray to Him with courage, boldness, and expectation.

5 Comforting Psalms for When We Worry

Times are tough for so many of us right now. Whether it's financial trouble, health concerns, or anxiety over political issues and current events, there is plenty to worry about. 1 Peter 5:7 says to cast all our anxieties on Christ, but in the midst of so much stress, we could all use a little reminder. Here are five beautiful Psalms that offer comfort in chaotic times.

6 Easy Tips to Strengthen Your Quiet Time This Summer

Devotional time is a focused, intentional quiet time that is set aside to spend with God through prayer, reading/studying Scripture, or journal writing. Devotional time can include many different methods of connecting with God that include singing, writing, meditating, and/or listening to Christian worship music. There is not one “right” way to spend your devotional time with God – it is most important that we just come.

We come to God just as we are as broken vessels looking to be filled and empowered by His presence. Amidst our daily, busy lives and routines, it is essential that we commit to strengthening and prioritizing our time with God. 

When I spend consistent, uninterrupted devotional time with the Lord, my mind is renewed, God speaks to me through His word, and I am strengthened to start my day. For a brief moment, I quiet my soul and surrender my burdens to the Lord. Throughout the year, cultivating our relationship with the Lord is important and summer is a great season to renew a consistent devotional practice.

Summer has longer days, more outdoor time, and presents a creative opportunity to strengthen your devotional time with the Lord. Here are six ways to strengthen your devotional time in the summer:

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5 Powerful Prayers for Restoration of a Broken World

Our world, created intentionally and lovingly by a good Father, is broken by sin. We see its effects all around us, and especially in the issues of racism, disease, inequality, and countless others. But when the weight of the world drives us to our knees, we are in the perfect position to go before our loving God in prayer. He understands our pain, and He loves to hear from his children about their worries and concerns. Here are five powerful prayers for restoration of a broken world.

4 Ways to Keep the Hope of the Resurrection Alive during COVID-19

In the midst of the global coronavirus pandemic, it's easy to be overwhelmed with anxiety and grief. And although we were able to take a moment to reset at Easter and turn to the cross, it is so easy to forget that miracle with everything else going on. Here are four practical, everyday ways to keep your eyes fixed on the hope of the resurrection, even in the midst of the pandemic and social distancing.

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