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6 Relational Needs That God Always Meets

| Crosswalk Contributor
29 Jun
6 Relational Needs That God Always Meets

I don’t know about you, but I have a really difficult time connecting with God as a loving parent. It is something I am always growing in, but it is absolutely my natural default to see God as a disappointed father, shaking his head at me from far away. Or worse, some kind of amorphous, abstract orb floating out there in the Universe, completely out of tune with me.

I’m so grateful for how grounding Scripture is and how directly it can expose Satan’s lies for the silly, wisps-of-nothing that they are. Because the idea of a distant father, out of tune with what his children need, is the complete opposite of what God is.

The truth is, all humans come into this world needing love, because God designed us that way. We were made in his image; therefore we are deeply relational, just as he is. We can’t get by without loving relationships.

Psychologists, therapists, counselors, and others have different names for the aspects of healthy relationships, like felt safety and containment. My point isn’t to delve too deeply into each of these needs or what they mean, because I am not a therapist. But I am a daughter of God in need of attachment to him, and this framework from Christian counselor Adam Young really helps me to see how closely God walks with me and parents me, no matter how old I get.

Adam Young states that these 6 relational needs are at the core of every secure parent-child relationship:

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