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6 Ways to Embrace Rest as a Spiritual Discipline

| Contributing Writer
4 Aug
6 Ways to Embrace Rest as a Spiritual Discipline

I jokingly call myself a “recovering type-A personality,” but it’s not such a joke. By nature I’m a fast-paced person, always on the move, on the go, driven, and achievement-oriented. I’ve been this way since childhood, and while it’s a blessing in some regards, it means I’m horrible at one very important thing: learning to rest.

Give me down-time and I’ll do my best to fill it with tasks and chores – and this creates a lot of spiritual, emotional, and physical tension within me. (Seriously: I have to put “relaxation time” on my schedule to make it a priority.)

But in the last few years, God has laid an important truth on my heart: Rest is a gift. And I’m starting to cultivating the concept of rest as a spiritual discipline.

If you’re like me and need to intentionally carve out more time for rest in your life, I offer the following six tips for embracing rest as a spiritual discipline.

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