4 Hard Truths about Christianity That We Must Never Forget

| Contributing Writer
15 Sep
Person reading the Bible

It is impossible to truly think about Christianity without thinking about Christ, after all he is the foundation of it all. As I have thought about Christianity lately and what it looks like, I have begun to wonder how the message that Jesus preached aligns with the Christianity that we profess today. Does it in any way resemble what Jesus modeled for us?

If we really do a self-examination with Scripture as the judge, I believe we may realize that we are coming up short. There simply are some hard truths about Christianity that have either lost their popularity or, to be honest, we have forgotten them or chosen to ignore them. For this reason, I want to remind you of some of these hard truths about Christianity and pray that you and I will never forget them.

Photo credit: Unsplash/Priscilla Du Preez

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