Jesus lives. He reigns in the heavens. And His kingdom on this earth at present is everywhere He is honored as King. He is King of the church, and King of our hearts.

We are co-heirs with Christ, so we will reign with Christ. This is a significant aspect of the believer’s eternal hope. We can find rest in it. We will be fulfilled thorough the good work that God will allow us to do in all eternity, without any toil associated with that work.

And while here, we can pray; we can say, “Jesus may your kingdom come.” I envision that prayer as two-part. May His kingdom come through the mission of the church to win more and more worshippers to Him, and may His kingdom come on earth as in the new earth, echoing the prayer of Revelation: “Come, Lord Jesus.”

While we await the present rule of Jesus on this earth, we can know that He lives and His throne is in the heavens, with the earth as His footstool (Isaiah 66:1). He even now intercedes for all of His faithful followers who love to listen to His directions.

Indeed, the ultimate goal of missions is for the Lord: that He would receive more praise on this earth from more faithful followers. Jesus lives to make intercession, the Lord tells us (Hebrews 7:25). He pleads for us before the Father — it is our good that He pleads. We know through this intercession something important about His heavenly kingdom: all hinges and rests on Him.