Ezekiel 37

The Book of Ezekiel
Chapter 37

Chapter Overview:

The vision of the resurrection of the dry bones, ver. 1 - 10.
The explication of it, ver. 11 - 14
A type of the happy coalition which would be between Israel and Judah, ver. 15 - 22.
A prediction of the kingdom of Christ, and of the glories and graces of that kingdom, ver. 23 - 28.
37:1And set me down - So it seemed to me in the vision. Which is a lively representation of a threefold resurrection:
  1. Of the resurrection of souls, from the death of sin, to the life of righteousness:
  2. The resurrection of the church from an afflicted state, to liberty and peace:
  3. The resurrection of the body at the great day, especially the bodies of believers to life eternal.
37:3And he - The Lord.
37:7Prophesied - Declared these promises. As I prophesied - While I was prophesying. A noise - A rattling of the bones in their motion.A shaking - A trembling or commotion among the bones, enough to manifest a divine presence, working among them. Came together - Glided nearer and nearer, 'till each bone met the bone to which it was to be joined.Of all the bones of all those numerous slain, not one was missing, not one missed its way, not one missed its place, but each knew and found its fellow. Thus in the resurrection of the dead, the scattered atoms shall be arranged in their proper place and order, and every bone come to his bone, by the same wisdom and power by which they were first formed in the womb of her that is with child.
37:8Came up - Gradually spreading itself.
37:9Prophesy - Declare what my will is. O breath - The soul, whose emblem here is wind; which, as it gently blew upon these lifeless creatures, each was inspired with its own soul or spirit.
37:10And the breath - The spirit of life, or the soul, Genesis 2:7 .
37:11The whole house - The emblem of the house of Israel.Are dried - Our state is as hopeless, as far from recovery, as dried bones are from life.
37:12I will open - Though your captivity be as death, your persons close as the grave, yet I will open those graves.
37:16One stick - A writing tablet or a tally, such as is fit to be written upon. His companions - Benjamin and part of Levi, who kept with the tribe of Judah. Ephraim - Ephraim was the most considerable tribe in the kingdom of Israel, when divided from the other two. The house of Israel - The other nine tribes, who continued with Ephraim.
37:19In mine hand - Under my government, care, and blessing. God will make the two kingdoms one in his hand, as I make these two sticks one in my hand.
37:22One nation - They were one in David's time, who was a type of the Messiah, and continued so to the end of Solomon's time, whose name includes peace. So when the Beloved, the Peace - maker, the Messiah shall be king, they shall be one again. And one king - The Messiah.
37:23I will save - I will bring them safe out of them.And will cleanse - Both justify and sanctify them.
37:24David - The son of David. One shepherd - This king shall be their one chief shepherd, others that feed and rule the flock, are so by commission from him.
37:25For ever - 'Till Christ's coming to judgment, the Jews converted to Christ, shall inherit Canaan.
37:26My sanctuary - I will set up a spiritual glorious temple, and worship among you. For evermore - Never to be altered or abolished on earth, but to be consummated in heaven.
37:27My tabernacle - The tabernacle wherein I will shew my presence among them. Their fathers had a tabernacle, but the Messiah shall bring with him a better, a spiritual, and an heavenly.They shall be my people - By my grace I will make them holy, as the people of a holy God; and I will make them happy, as the people of the ever blessed God.