Mark 16

The Book of Mark
Chapter 16
16:1 Matthew 28:1 ; Lu 24:1; John 20:1.
16:2At the rising of the sun - They set out while it was yet dark, and came within sight of the sepulchre, for the first time, just as it grew light enough to discern that the stone was rolled away, 28:1 ; Luke 24:1; John 20:1.But by the time Mary had called Peter and John, and they had viewed the sepulchre, the sun was rising.
16:3Who shall roll us away the stone - This seems to have been the only difficulty they apprehended. So they knew nothing of Pilate's having sealed the stone, and placed a guard of soldiers there.
16:7And Peter - Though he so oft denied his Lord. What amazing goodness was this!
16:9 20:11 .
16:10 Luke 24:9 ; John 20:18.
16:12 Luke 24:13 .
16:13Neither believed they them - They were moved a little by the testimony of these, added to that of St. Peter, 24:34 ; but they did not yet fully believe it.
16:14 Luke 24:36 ; John 20:19.
16:15Go ye into all the world, and preach the Gospel to every creature - Our Lord speaks without any limitation or restriction.If therefore every creature in every age hath not heard it, either those who should have preached, or those who should have heard it, or both, made void the counsel of God herein. Matthew 28:19 .
16:16And is baptized - In token thereof. Every one that believed was baptized. But he that believeth not - Whether baptized or unbaptized, shall perish everlastingly.
16:17And these signs shall follow them that believe - An eminent author sub - joins, "That believe with that very faith mentioned in the preceding verse." (Though it is certain that a man may work miracles, and not have saving faith, 7:22 ,23.) "It was not one faith by which St. Paul was saved, another bywhich he wrought miracles. Even at this day in every believer faith has a latent miraculous power; (every effect of prayer being really miraculous;) although in many, both because of their own littleness of faith, and because the world is unworthy, that power is not exerted. Miracles, in the beginning, were helps to faith; now also they are the object of it.At Leonberg, in the memory of our fathers, a cripple that could hardly move with crutches, while the dean was preaching on this very text, was in a moment made whole." Shall follow - The word and faith must go before. In my name - By my authority committed to them. Raising the dead is not mentioned. So our Lord performed even more than he promised.
16:18If they drink any deadly thing - But not by their own choice.God never calls us to try any such experiments.
16:19The Lord - How seasonable is he called by this title! After he had spoken to them - For forty days. Luke 24:50 .
16:20They preached every where - At the time St. Mark wrote, the apostles had already gone into all the known world, Romans 10:18 ; and each of them was there known where he preached: the name of Christ only was known throughout the world.