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Isaiah 1:31

31 The mighty man will become tinder and his work a spark; both will burn together, with no one to quench the fire.”

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And the strong shall be as tow, and the maker of it as a spark, and they shall both burn together, and none shall quench them.
And the strong shall become tinder, and his work a spark, and both of them shall burn together, with none to quench them.
The strongest among you will disappear like straw; their evil deeds will be the spark that sets it on fire. They and their evil works will burn up together, and no one will be able to put out the fire.

What does Isaiah 1:31 mean?

John Gill's Exposition of the Bible
Isaiah 1:31

And the strong shall be as tow
(Nwoxh) , "that strong one", who is eminently so; the little horn, whose look is more stout than his fellows, ( Daniel 7:20 ) the beast who had great power and authority given by the dragon, ( Revelation 13:2 Revelation 13:4 Revelation 13:7 ) who shall be cast alive into the lake of fire; when he will be like tow in those devouring flames, easily, quickly, and irrecoverably consumed, ( Daniel 7:11 ) ( Revelation 19:20 ) and the maker of it as a spark,
or "his work"; so the Targum,

``and the work of their hands shall be as a spark of fire;''
or like the embers and ashes of a coal, which are blown away and lost at once: so antichrist, and all his evil works, as well as all his evil workers under him, will be entirely consumed: or, as it may be rendered, "he that wrought him": that is, Satan, for his coming is after the working of Satan; he has his seat, power, and authority, from the dragon, the old serpent, and the devil, and may be truly called a creature of his, ( 2 Thessalonians 2:9 ) and they shall both burn together;
both the pope and the devil in the lake of fire and brimstone, into which they will both be cast, ( Revelation 20:10 ) and none shall quench [them];
that fire will be unquenchable and everlasting; they will be tormented for ever and ever, and so will all the worshippers of the beast, ( Matthew 25:41 ) ( Mark 9:44 ) ( Revelation 14:11 ) ( 20:10 ) . The Chaldee paraphrase is,
``so the wicked shall be consumed, and their evil works, and there shall be no mercy upon them.''
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