Mishle 12

1 2 He who loveth musar loveth da’as, but he that hateth tokhakhat (reproof, correction) is ba’ar (a boorish, ignorant person).
2 A tov (good man) obtaineth ratzon (favor) from Hashem, but an ish mezimor (a man of crafty devices) will He condemn.
3 An adam shall not be made secure by resha, but the shoresh tzaddikim (root of the righteous ones) shall not be moved. [T.N. Cf 12:4 and 31:10.]
4 An aishes chayil (a woman of valor, an excellent wife) is an ateret to her ba’al, but she that bringeth shame is like rottenness in his atzmot.
5 The thoughts of the tzaddikim are right, but the tachbulot (guidance) of the resha’im are mirmah (deceitful).
6 The devarim of the resha’im are to lie in wait for dahm, but the peh (mouth) of the yesharim (upright ones) shall deliver them.
7 The resha’im are overthrown, and are no more, but the bais tzaddikim shall stand.
8 An ish shall be commended according to his seichel, but he that is of a perverse mind shall be despised.
9 He that is lightly esteemed, and hath an eved, is better than he that honoreth himself, and lacketh lechem.
10 A tzaddik regardeth the nefesh (life) of his behemah (beast), but the compassion of the reshaim is cruel.
11 He that worketh his adamah shall be satisfied with lechem, but he that chaseth after worthless persons is devoid of lev [of understanding].
12 The resha coveteth the catch of ra’im (evil men), but the shoresh (root) of the tzaddikim yieldeth fruit.
13 The rah is ensnared by the peysha (transgression) of his sfatayim (lips), but the tzaddik shall escape from tzoros.
14 An ish shall be filled with tov by the fruit of his peh (mouth), and the recompence of the hands of adam shall be rendered unto him.
15 The derech of a fool is yashar (right) in his own eynayim, but he that payeth heed unto etzah is chacham (wise).
16 A fool’s wrath is known immediately, but a prudent man covereth kalon (shame, disgrace, shameful nakedness).
17 He that speaketh emunah declareth tzedek, but an ed shekarim, mirmah.
18 There is one who speaketh rash words like the wounding of a cherev, but the lashon of the chachamim promotes marpeh (healing).
19 The lip of emes shall be established forever, but a lashon sheker is but for a moment.
20 Mirmah (deceit) is in the lev of them that plot rah, but to the counsellors of shalom is simchah.
21 There shall no harm befall the tzaddik, but the resha’im shall be filled with rah.
22 Sfatayim (lips) of sheker are to’evah to Hashem, but they that deal emunah (faithfully, truthfully) are His delight.
23 A prudent man concealeth da’as, but the lev kesilim (mind of fools) preaches folly.
24 The yad of the kharutzim (diligent ones) shall rule, but the remiyyah (deceitfully lazy man) shall be put to forced labor.
25 Anxiety in the lev ish causeth depression, but a davar tov cheers it up.
26 The tzaddik prevaileth advantageously over his neighbor, but the derech resha’im leads them astray.
27 The remiyyah (deceitfully lazy man) roasteth not that which he took in hunting, but diligence is the precious possession of man.
28 In the orach tzedakah (way of righteousness) is chayyim, and in the derech netivot (pathway) thereof there is no mavet.
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