Mateo 20:17

17 Y subiendo Jesús á Jerusalem, tomó sus doce discípulos aparte en el camino, y les dijo:

Mateo 20:17 Meaning and Commentary

Matthew 20:17

And Jesus going up to Jerusalem
Which was situated


F6 in the highest part of the land of Israel: the land of Israel, is said to be higher than any other land whatever; and the temple at Jerusalem, higher than any part of the land of Israel; wherefore Christ's going to Jerusalem, is expressed by going up to it. Whither he came either from the coasts of Judea, from beyond Jordan, ( Matthew 19:1 ) where he had been some time healing diseases, disputing with the Pharisees, discoursing with the young ruler, and instructing his disciples; or from a country near to the wilderness, from a city called Ephraim, ( John 11:54 ) where he continued some time with his disciples, after the sanhedrim had took counsel to put him to death; for this was his last journey to Jerusalem.

Took the twelve disciples apart in the way:
into some private place, which lay near the road; for it seems that there were others that followed him, besides the twelve; when he was not willing they should hear what he had to say to them, concerning the issue of this, journey; lest either they should be discouraged and desert him, or it should be made public, and methods be used to prevent it: and said unto them; the disciples, whom he thought fit once more to remind of his sufferings and death, and to prepare them for the same; and though they would not so thoroughly understand all that he should say, yet when it was come to pass, they would remember it, and which would be of service to confirm their faith in him, as the true Messiah. (See Gill on 10:32).

F6 T. Bab. Sanhedrim, fol. 87. 1.

Mateo 20:17 In-Context

15 ¿No me es lícito á mi hacer lo que quiero con lo mío? ó ¿es malo tu ojo, porque yo soy bueno?
16 Así los primeros serán postreros, y los postreros primeros: porque muchos son llamados, mas pocos escogidos.
17 Y subiendo Jesús á Jerusalem, tomó sus doce discípulos aparte en el camino, y les dijo:
18 He aquí subimos á Jerusalem, y el Hijo del hombre será entregado á los principes de los sacerdotes y á los escribas, y le condenarán á muerte;
19 Y le entregarán á los Gentiles para que le escarnezcan, y azoten, y crucifiquen; mas al tercer día resucitará.
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