Anger Bible Verses

Bible Verses About Anger and Scripture Quotes - We all struggle with moments of anger - whether we are faced with a small annoyance or an overwhelming situation. Rather than lashing out with harsh words and actions, which only leave us with guilt and shame, we can stop and focus on Scripture for help. The Bible gives plenty of advice on dealing with anger and how to handle emotions. We have collected Bible quotes about being angry and not sinning. Here you can discover how to live free from the control of anger.

The Bible also teaches us that not all anger is wrong. Righteous anger stems from an anger that arises when we witness “an offense against God or His Word.” Righteous anger cares about others. It attacks the sin instead of the sinner. It’s important to consider what can result from our anger. Will our anger produce actions that intend to make the world a better place and help bring people to hear the Gospel, in a loving way? Or will our anger retaliate, isolate, and cause someone to potentially stray away from the faith because of our actions? We should be slow to become angry and filter all emotions through how God wants us to respond to others.

Brows Scripture quotes on anger below and download your own personal copy of these helpful verses . Keep them with you throughout the day to remind yourself of God's strength and peace when you feel tensions rise.

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