19 They answered, “An Egyptian rescued us from the shepherds. He even drew water for us and watered the flock.”
20 “And where is he?” Reuel asked his daughters. “Why did you leave him? Invite him to have something to eat.”
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21 Moses agreed to stay with the man, who gave his daughter Zipporah to Moses in marriage.
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22 Zipporah gave birth to a son, and Moses named him Gershom,a saying, “I have become a foreigner in a foreign land.”
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    • d 2:22 - "Gershom" sounds like the Hebrew for "a foreigner there."
      23 During that long period, the king of Egypt died. The Israelites groaned in their slavery and cried out, and their cry for help because of their slavery went up to God.
      24 God heard their groaning and he remembered his covenant with Abraham, with Isaac and with Jacob.
      25 So God looked on the Israelites and was concerned about them.
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