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Bible Stories

  • This is a summary of the Biblical account of the lives of Ruth and Naomi. Read a summary of this Bible story and learn its meaning and significance.

  • Read the Bible account of David and Goliath and learn what Christians can take from this story to encourage our faith today.

  • Read the Bible story of Jonah and the Whale and learn about its meaning for Christians today.

  • Also known as "Jacob's Dream," the Bible story of Jacob's Ladder is found in chapter 28 of Genesis. Jacob's Ladder is the link between the earth and heaven that Jacob dreams about during his fleeing from his brother Esau. Discover the significance and meaning of Jacob's dream and ladder in this powerful Bible story along with the full scripture text.
  • Read the story of creation from the book of Genesis. Learn about the meaning and significance of the biblical explanation of creation.

  • The story of Christ's triumphal entry into Jerusalem on the Sunday preceding Holy Week is known as Palm Sunday and is celebrated throughout the world by Christians today!

  • The well-known Bible story of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector (also known as the Publican) is a parable from Jesus Christ about the importance of humility and repentance.

  • The "Promised Land" was the geographic area God declared to give to His people, the children of Abraham. The promised land was placed in ancient Canaan, on the eastern side of the Mediterranean Sea.

  • In the Bible narrative of Christmas, there are two angelic visits that occur important to the story. First, the angel known as Gabriel visits Mary to inform her that she will give birth to the "Son of the Most High." Additionally, an angel appears to shepherds watching over their flock to bring them "good news of great joy" that a savior has been born in the town of David. Discover more about the angels of Christmas and the Bible verses describing their story.
  • The 10 Commandments were given to the Israel nation through Moses. The nation of Israel was now free from slavery in Egypt and was camped around Mount Sinai when thunder, lightning, a thick cloud, and the sound of trumpets signaled God's presence. Moses met with God and the 10 Commandments were written for the people to follow.

  • The story of David and Bathsheba reminds us of how great men who are called by God are still humans and struggle with sin.

  • Learn about the troubled relationship between twin brothers Jacob and Esau and how the Jacob deceived both Esau and his father Isaac to gain both the birthright and blessing.
  • The Bible Story of Judas betraying Jesus is found in all four of the gospels. This powerful story is well known in Christian theology as one of the most significant events of disloyalty. There are several explanations as to why Judas betrayed Jesus, including bribery and demonic possession, that vary among the gospel accounts. Discover the lessons we can learn from this Bible story of Judas betraying Jesus and how this event impacted the timeline of Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection!
  • Jezebel was the wife of King Ahab who ruled the kingdom of Israel. By opposing the worship of the Hebrew god Yahweh, neglecting the rights and well-being of her subjects, and challenging the great prophets Elijah and Elisha, she prompted the internal conflict that plagued Israel for decades. Discover the Bible story verses and meaning of Jezebel from the book of Kings.
  • The story of Samson and Delilah reminds us just how important it is to guard our hearts and follow God's way! The summary from Scripture starts with Samson's birth was announced by an angel during a dark time for the Israelites.

  • The raising of Lazarus or the resurrection of Lazarus, found only in the Gospel of John (John 11:1–44), is a miracle of Jesus in which Jesus brings Lazarus of Bethany back to life four days after his burial. In John, this is the last of the miracles that Jesus performs before the Passion and his own resurrection.
  • The Bible story of Elijah is from the first book of Kings, describing his miraculous feats and redemption of the people of Israel from the evil king Ahab. Similar to the life of Jesus, Elijah performs marveling acts to demonstrate the validity of God to the people of Israel. Discover a summary of Elijah's story, full scripture text, and related articles!
  • The Bible Story of Mary and Martha comes from Chapter 10 of the Gospel of Luke. Mary and Martha, who are sisters, open their home to Jesus as he travels with his disciples. As Martha hurries to ensure the preparations, Mary simply sits at the feet of Jesus and listens. Discover the moral and meaning of this important Bible story with the full scripture text!
  • The parable of the prodigal son is one of the greatest love stories ever told - a story filled with mercy and grace.

  • Jesus spoke the Parable of the Sower to teach how important the state of our heart is to receive the Gospel and how our salvation is proved by our choices and actions after hearing the Gospel.

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