Luke 21

The Book of Luke
Chapter 21
21:1He looked up - From those on whom his eyes were fixed before. Mark 12:41 .
21:5Goodly stones - Such as no engines now in use could have brought, or even set upon each other. Some of them (as an eye witness who lately measured them writes) were forty - five cubits long, five high, and six broad; yet brought thither from another country.And gifts - Which persons delivered from imminent dangers had, in accomplishment of their vows, hung on the walls and pillars. The marble of the temple was so white, that it appeared like amountain of snow at a distance. And the gilding of many parts made it, especially when the sun shone, a most splendid and beautiful spectacle. Matthew 24:1 ; Mr 13:1.
21:8I am the Christ; and the time is near - When I will deliver you from all your enemies. They are the words of the seducers.
21:9Commotions - Intestine broils; civil wars.
21:11Fearful sights and signs from heaven - Of which Josephus gives a circumstantial account.
21:12 Mark 13:9 .
21:13It shall turn to you for a testimony - Of your having delivered your own souls, and of their being without excuse.
21:16 Matthew 10:21 .
21:17 Matthew 24:13 ; Mr 13:13.
21:18Not a hair of your head - A proverbial expression, shall perish - Without the special providence of God. And then, not before thetime, nor without A full reward.
21:19In your patience possess ye your souls - Be calm and serene, masters of yourselves, and superior to all irrational and disquieting passions. By keeping the government of your spirits, you will both avoid much misery, and guard the better against all dangers.
21:21Let them that are in the midst of it - Where Jerusalem stands (that is, they that are in Jerusalem) depart out of it, beforetheir retreat is cut off by the uniting of the forces near the city, and let not them that are in the adjacent countries by any means enter into it.
21:22And things which are written - Particularly in Daniel.
21:24They shall fall by the edge of the sword, and shall be led away captive - Eleven hundred thousand perished in the siege of Jerusalem, and above ninety thousand were sold for slaves.So terribly was this prophecy fulfilled! And Jerusalem shall be trodden by the Gentiles - That is, inhabited. So it was indeed.The land was sold, and no Jew suffered even to come within sight of Jerusalem. The very foundations of the city were ploughed up, and a heathen temple built where the temple of God had stood.The times of the Gentiles - That is, the times limited for their treading the city; which shall terminate in the full conversion of the Gentiles.
21:25And there shall be - Before the great day, which was typified by the destruction of Jerusalem: signs - Different from those mentioned Luke 21:11 , &c. Matthew 24:29 ; Mr 13:24.
21:28Now when these things - Mentioned Luke 21:8 ,10, &c,begin to come to pass, look up with firm faith, and lift up your heads with joy: for your redemption out of many troubles draweth nigh, by God's destroying your implacable enemies.
21:29Behold the fig tree and all the trees - Christ spake this in the spring, just before the passover; when all the trees were budding on the mount of Olives, where they then were.
21:30Ye know of yourselves - Though none teach you.
21:31The kingdom of God is nigh - The destruction of the Jewish city, temple, and religion, to make way for the advancement of my kingdom.
21:32Till all things be effected - All that has been spoken of the destruction of Jerusalem, to which the question, Luke 21:7 , relates: and which is treated of from Luke 21:8 - 24.
21:34Take heed, lest at any time your hearts be overloaded with gluttony and drunkenness - And was there need to warn the apostles themselves against such sins as these? Then surely there is reason to warn even strong Christians against the very grossest sins. Neither are we wise, if we think ourselves out of the reach of any sin: and so that day - Of judgment or of death, come upon you, even you that are not of this world - Unawares. Matthew 24:42 ; Mr 13:33; Lu 12:35.
21:35That sit - Careless and at ease.
21:36Watch ye therefore - This is the general conclusion of all that precedes. That ye may be counted worthy - This word sometimes signifies an honour conferred on a person, as when the apostles are said to be counted worthy to suffer shame for Christ, Acts 5:41 .Sometimes meet or becoming: as when John the Baptist exhorts, to bring fruits worthy of repentance, Luke 3:8 .And so to be counted worthy to escape, is to have the honour of it, and to be fitted or prepared for it. To stand - With joy and triumph: not to fall before him as his enemies.
21:37Now by day - In the day time, he was teaching in the temple - This shows how our Lord employed his time after coming toJerusalem: but it is not said, he was this day in the temple, and next morning the people came. It does not therefore by any means imply, that he came any more after this into the temple.
21:38And all the people came early in the morning to hear him - How much happier were his disciples in these early lectures, than the slumbers of the morning could have made them on their beds!Let us not scruple to deny ourselves the indulgence of unnecessary sleep, that we may morning after morning place ourselves at his feet, receiving the instructions of his word, and seeking those of his Spirit.