Mark 14

The Book of Mark
Chapter 14
14:1 Matthew 26:1 ; Lu 22:1.
14:3 Matthew 26:6 .
14:4Some had indignation - Being incited thereto by Judas: and said - Probably to the women.
14:10Judas went to the chief priests - Immediately after this reproof, having anger now added to his covetousness. Matthew 26:14 ; Lu 22:3.
14:12 Matthew 26:17 ; Lu 22:7.
14:13Go into the city, and there shall meet you a man - It was highly seasonable for our Lord to give them this additional proof both of his knowing all things, and of his influence over the minds of men.
14:15Furnished - The word properly means, spread with carpets.
14:17 Matthew 26:20 ; Lu 22:14.
14:24This is my blood of the New Testament - That is, this I appoint to be a perpetual sign and memorial of my blood, as shed for establishing the new covenant, that all who shall believe in me may receive all its gracious promises.
14:25I will drink no more of the fruit of the vine, till I drink it new in the kingdom of God - That is, I shall drink no more before I die: the next wine I drink will not be earthly, but heavenly.
14:26 Matthew 26:30 ; Lu 22:39; John 18:1.
14:27This night - The Jews in reckoning their days began with the evening, according to the Mosaic computation, which called the evening and the morning the first day, Genesis 1:5 . And so that which after sunset is here called this night is, Mark 14:30 , called to - day. The expression there is peculiarly significant.Verily I say to thee, that thou thyself, confident as thou art, to - day, even within four and twenty hours; yea, this night, or ever the sun be risen, nay, before the cock crow twice, before three in the morning, wilt deny me thrice. Our Lord doubtless spoke so determinately, as knowing a cock would crow once before the usual time of cock crowing. By 13:35 , it appears, that the third watch of the night, ending at three in the morning, was commonly styled the cock crowing. Zechariah 13:7 .
14:32 Matthew 26:36 .
14:33Sore amazed - The original word imports the most shocking amazement, mingled with grief: and that word in the next verse which we render sorrowful intimates, that he was surrounded with sorrow on every side, breaking in upon him with such violence, as was ready to separate his soul from his body.
14:36Abba, Father - St. Mark seems to add the word Father, by way of explication.
14:37Saith to Peter - The zealous, the confident Peter.
14:43 Matthew 26:47 ; Lu 22:47; John 18:2.
14:44Whomsoever I shall kiss - Probably our Lord, in great condescension, had used (according to the Jewish custom) to permit his disciples to do this, after they had been some time absent.
14:47 Matthew 26:51 ; Lu 22:49; John 18:10.
14:51A young man - It does not appear, that he was one of Christ's disciples. Probably hearing an unusual noise, he started up out of his bed, not far from the garden, and ran out with only the sheet about him, to see what was the matter. And the young men laid hold on him - Who was only suspected to be Christ's disciple: but could not touch them who really were so.
14:53 Matthew 26:57 ; Lu 22:54; John 18:12.
14:55All the council sought for witness and found none - What an amazing proof of the overruling providence of God, considering both their authority, and the rewards they could offer, that no two consistent witnesses could be procured, to charge him with any gross crime. Matthew 26:59 .
14:56Their evidences were not sufficient - The Greek words literally rendered are, Were not equal: not equal to the charge of a capital crime: it is the same word in the 59th verse.
14:58We heard him say - It is observable, that the words which they thus misrepresented, were spoken by Christ at least three years before, 2:19 . Their going back so far to find matter for the charge, was a glorious, though silent attestation of the unexceptionable manner wherein he had behaved, through the whole course of his public ministry.
14:61 Matthew 26:63 ; Lu 22:67.
14:66 Matthew 26:69 ; Lu 22:56; John 18:25.
14:72And he covered his head - Which was a usual custom with mourners, and was fitly expressive both of grief and shame.