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Search our collection of popular Bible dictionaries for the meaning of words found in the Bible. Our comprehensive dictionary combines definitions and proper names for Biblical words with online verse reference, allowing users to define and analyze Scripture. Use the search box above to type in a specific word or use the Search by Subject Letter feature to browse all of the Biblical words in our online dictionary.

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Ha Haahashtari Habaiah Habaiah; Hobaiah Habakkuk Habakkuk, Prophecies of Habakkuk, Prophecy of Habakkuk, Theology of Habakkuk, The Prayer Of Habazinaiah Habaziniah Habergeon Habitation Habor Hacaliah Hachaliah Hachilah Hachilah, Hill Of Hachilah, The hill Hachmoni Hachmoni; Hachmonite Hadad Hadadezer Hadadrimmon Hadad-rimmon Hadar Hadarezer Hadashah Hadassah Hadattah Hades Hadid Hadid; rejoicing; sharp Hadlai Hadla-i Hadoram Hadrach Haemorrhoids Haft Hagab Hagaba Hagabah Haga bah Hagar Hagarene Hagarenes, Hagarites Hagarenes; Hagarites Hagerite Hagerite, The Haggada Haggai Hagga-i Haggai, Book of Haggai, Prophecy of Haggai, Theology of Haggeri Haggi Haggiah Haggites Haggites, The Haggith Hagia Hagiographa Hagri Hagrites Ha-Hiroth Hai Hail Hail! Hair Hair, Plucking Of The Ha-Jehudijah Hakkatan Hakkoz Hakupha Halah Halak Halakha Halak, Mount Hale Hale; Haling Half Halhul Hali Halicarnassus Hall Hallel Hallelujah Hall, Judgment Halloesh Hallohesh Hallow Hallow; Hallowed Halohesh Halt Haltil Ham Haman Hamath Hamathite, The Hamath-zobah Hamath-Zobah Hammath Hammeah, The Tower Of Hammedatha Hammelech Hammer Hammiphkad, Gate Of Hammolecheth Hammoleketh Hammon Hammoth-dor Hammoth-Dor Hammuel Hammurabi Hammurabi, Code Of Hamon Hamonah Hamon-gog Hamon-Gog Hamor Hamoth Hamran Hamuel Hamul Hamulites, The Hamutal Hanameel Haname-el Hanamel Hanan Hananeel Hanane-el Hananel, The Tower Of Hanani Hananiah Hananiel Hand Handbreadth Handful Handicraft Handkerchief Handkerchief, Napkin, Apron Handle Handmaid Hand, Right Hand Hands; Hands, Imposition, Laying On Of Handstaff Hand Weapon Handwriting Hanes Hanging Hanging, Hangings Hangings Haniel Hannah Hannathon Hanniel Hanoch Hanoch; Hanochites Hanun Hap; Haply Hapharaim Haphraim Haply Happen Happiness Happizzez Hara Haradah Haran Hararite Harbona Harbonah Harbona; Harbonah Harbour Hard by Harden Hardening, Hardness of Heart Hard; Hardiness; Harddiness; Hardly Hardly; Hardness Hard Sayings; Hard Sentences Hare Harem Hareph Hareth Harhaiah Harhas Harhur Harim Hariph Harlot Harlotry Har-magedon Har-Magedon Harnepher Harness Harod Harodite Harodite, The Harod, Well Of Haroeh Harorite Harosheth Harosheth of the Gentiles Harosheth, Of The Gentiles, Of The Nations Harp Harphite Harran Harrow Harrows Harsha Harsith Hart Harum Harumaph Haruphite Haruz Harvest Hasadiah Hasenuah Hashabiah Hashabnah Hashabneiah Hashabniah Hashbadana Hashbadana; Hashbadnana Hashem Hashmonah Hashub Hashubah Hashum Hashupha Hasidaeans Hasmoneans Hasrah Hassenaah Hassenuah Hasshub Hassophereth Haste Hasupha Hat Hatach Hatchet Hate, Hatred Hate; Hatred Hathach Hathath Hatipha Hatita Hatred Hatsi-Hammenuchoth Hattil Hattipha Hattuph Hattush Haughty Haunt Hauran Have Haven Havens, Fair Havilah Havoc Havoth-jair Havvah Havvoth-Jair Hawk Hay Hazael Haza-el Hazaiah Hazar Hazar-adar Hazar-addar Hazar-Addar; Hazar-Enan; Hazar-Gaddah; Hazar-Hatticon; Hazar-Maveth; Hazar-Shual; Hazar-Susa; Hazar-Susim Hazarenan Hazar-enan Hazargaddah Hazar-gaddah Hazar-hatticon Hazarmaveth Hazar-maveth Hazar-shual Hazar-susah Hazazon-Tamar Hazel Hazelelponi Hazer Hazer-Hatticon; Hazarhatticon Hazerim Hazeroth Hazezon-tamar Hazezon-Tamar Haziel Hazi-el Hazo Hazor Hazor-hadattah Hazor-Hadattah Hazzelelponi He Head Headband Head-bands Headdress Head-dress Head, Headship Headstone Headstrong Headtire Heady Heal Heal, Health Healing Healing, Gift of Healing, Gifts Of Health Heap Hear, Hearing Heart Hearth Heartily He-ass Heat Heath Heathen Heaven Heaven, Heavens, Heavenlies Heaven, Host Of Heavenly Heaven, New Heaven, Ordinances Of Heavens Heavens, New (And Earth, New) Heaven, Windows Of Heave Offering Heave offering Heavy; Heaviness Heber Heberites Hebrew Hebrew Calendar Hebrew; Hebrewess Hebrew language Hebrew Language Hebrew of the Hebrews Hebrews Hebrews, Epistle to Hebrews, Epistle To The Hebrews, Gospel According To The Hebrews, Religion Of The Hebrews, Theology of Hebron Hebronites Hebronites, The Hedge Hedgehog Heed Heel Hegai Hegai; Hege Hege Hegemonides Heifer Heifer, Red Height; Heights Heir Helah Helam Helbah Helbon Helchiah Heldai Helda-i Heleb Heled Helek Helem Heleph Helez Helhath Heli Heliodorus Heliopolis Helkai Helkath Helkath-hazzurim Helkath-Hazzurim Helkias Hell Hell, Descent into Hellenism; Hellenist Hellenist Helm Helmet Helon Help Helpmeet Help-meet Helps Helps, Gift of Helve Hem Hemam Heman Hemath Hemdan Hemlock Hem of garment Hen Hena Henadad Henceforth Henna Henoch Hepher Hepher; Hepherites Hepherites, The Hephzibah Hephzi-bah Herakles Herald Herb Herbs Hercules Herd Herdsman Here Hereafter Hereby Heredity Herein Hereof Heres Heresh Heresy Hereth, The Forest Of Heretic Heretic; Heretical Heretofore Hereunto Herewith Heritage Hermas Hermeneutics Hermes Hermogenes Hermon Hermonites Hermonites, The Herod Herod Agrippa I Herod Antipas Herod Archelaus Herod Arippa II Herodians Herodias Herodion Herod Philip I Herod Philip II Herod the Great Heron Hesed Hesed, Son Of Heshbon Heshmon Hesron, Hezron Heth Hethlon Hewer Hewn Hexateuch Hezeki Hezekiah Hezekiah's Sickness Hezekiah, The Men Of Hezer Hezion Hezir Hezrai Hezra-i Hezro Hezro; Hezrai Hezron Hezronites Hiddai Hidda-i Hiddekel Hiddekel; sharp voice; sound Hidden Hiel Hierapolis Hi-erapolis Hiereel Hieremoth Hierielus Hiermas Higgaion High Day Highest High, God Most Highminded High, Most High place High Place High places High Priest High priest High Things Highway Highways Hilen Hilkiah Hill Hillel Hill, Hill Country Hill; Mount; Mountain Hill of Evil Counsel Hills Hin Hind Hinder Hind Of The Morning, The Hinds Hinge Hinnom Hinnom, Valley Of Hip Hippopotamus Hirah Hiram Hircanus Hire Hireling His Hiss Hitherto Hittite Hittites Hittits Hivite Hivites Hizki Hizkiah Hizkijah Hizkljah Hoar-Frost; Hoary Hoar; Hoary Hoary Hobab Hobah Hobaiah Hock Hod Hodaiah Hodaviah Hodesh Hodevah Hodiah Hodiah; Hodijah Hodijah Hoglah Hoham Hoise Hold Holden Holding Holiness Hollow Holm-Tree Holofernes Holon Holpen Holyday Holy Ghost Holy Ghost (Spirit), Sin Against The Holy, Holiness Holy of Holies Holy of holies Holy Of Holies Holy One Holy One of God Holy Place Holy place Holy Spirit Holy Spirit, 1 Holy Spirit, 2 Holy Spirit, Gifts of Homam Home Home-Born Homer Homicide Homosexuality Honest; Honesty Honey Honor Honorable Hood Hoof Hook Hook, Hooks Hoopoe Hope Hophin Hophni Hophni And Phinehas Hophra Hor Horam Horeb Horem Horesh Hor-Haggidgad Hor-hagidgad Hori Horim Horims Horite; Horim Horites Hormah Hor, Mount Horn Hornet Horns of Altar Horns Of The Altar Horns, Rams' Horonaim Horonite Horonites Horrible Horror Horse Horse, Black Horse-gate Horse Gate Horseleach Horse-leech Horseman Horse, Red Horses Of The Sun Horse, White Hosah Hosanna Hose Hosea Hosea, Prophecies of Hosea, Theology of Hosen Hoshaiah Hosham Hoshama Hoshea Hospitality Hospitality; Host Host Hostage Host of heaven Host Of Heaven Hosts, Lord of Hosts, Lord Of Hotham Hotham; Hothan Hothan Hothir Hough Hour Hours Of Prayer Hour, the Last House House, Father's House, Garden Household Household, Caesar's Householder House Of God Housetop How How the prophetic gift was received Hozai Huckster Hukkok Hukok Hul Huldah Humanity, Human Person Human Sacrifice Humiliation of Christ Humiliation Of Christ Humility Humps Humtah Hundred Hunger Hungred Hunting Hupham Huphamites, The Huppah Huppim Hur Hurai Hura-i Huram Hurhai Huri Hurt Husband Husbandman Husbandman; Husbandry Husband's Brother Hushah Hushai Husha-i Husham Hushathite Hushim Hushshathite Husk Husks Huz Huzoth Huzzab Hyacinth Hyades Hyaena Hydaspes Hyena Hymenaeus Hymeneus Hymn Hypocrisy Hypocrisy; Hyprocrite Hypocrite Hyrcanus Hyssop The Hart and Hind The Hebrew Monarchy Hebrews, Epistle to the Hermonites, the The Horse