The Abrahamic Covenant Bible story is from the book of Genesis and begins with chapter 12 as God calls upon Abraham to go the land of Canaan where he promises to "make of him a great nation," a blessing unto to mankind through his descendants all families of the world shall be blessed. 

Chapter 15 further describes the blessings that will be bestowed upon Abraham with God appearing to him in a vision declaring that he will have many offspring as there are stars in the sky.  Abraham then asks God how will his people rightfully claim the land of Canaan as it was occupied by many others at the time.  A sacrificial ceremony is performed and God informs him that his offspring will be servants of another place, foreshadowing the slavery of Israelites in Egypt, but will return to Canaan in four generations with great possessions and will rightfully rule over the promised land.   

In the final portion of the story, from chapter 17, God formally announces that he will establish an eternal covenant with Abraham and his offspring that will be signified by circumcision.  All males of Abraham's house were then circumcised as the covenant was brought to fruition.  

The three main tenants of the Abrahamic Covenant: 

1. The Promised Land of Canaan (Gen 12:1) (Gen 15:7)

2. The Promise of Numerous Offspring (Gen 15:4-6) (Gen 17:6-8)

3. The Promise of Blessings unto the World (Gen 12:3)

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