Jesus' Feeding of the 5000

Sometimes God uses the unexpected to open our eyes to His power. In the Bible story of Jesus feeding the 5,000, we see the doubt of Jesus’s disciples and the provision of God through a miracle. The Scripture below details the account of how five loaves of bread and two fish became enough to feed 5,000 with leftovers!

Jesus’ Feeding of the five thousand reminds us of Jesus’ compassion for His people. We see this in the first part of the passage when it is mentioned that Jesus was traveling and healing the sick at the same time. At the end of the day, the disciples wanted the crowd to go away because it was getting dark. But then Jesus said to them, let the people remain and instead give them some food.

The character of Jesus is exhibited in this part of the passage. His compassion is without bounds that even if He had traveled far, healed the sick, and did so many things, His priority was still the crowd that followed Him. This scenario of Jesus feeding 5,000 people supports the fact that Jesus is the Lord that saves His Church. His compassion is so boundless that He gave His life for His children who are, by the way, sinners. ~

If you’re in a situation that needs a miracle, give God room to work through ways you never imagined or dreamed. Sometimes the miracle is not what we expect, but God knows what we need! 

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