bible verses about family love

What does the Bible say about family love? Both the New and Old Testament teach the importance of family unity and love. God created the family unit as a source of growth, strength, and love. Through both challenging and joyful seasons, we can learn to love our family better.

May you find encouragement and inspiration from these Scriptures about family love. Let's pray: Dear God, we ask Your Holy Spirit to surround us with Your love. May we be filled to the brim with love, that it may overflow and we may share it with our families. Allow us to be instruments of Your blessings to them. How strong our bonds are with our families depends on You, Lord. Which is why we ask You to always be the center of our family relationships. Enable our families to be as a triple-braided cord that cannot easily be broken. Let Your Spirit fill our hearts so we can love each other just as Christ loves us. Amen."