Memorial Day Bible Verses

Bible Verses for Memorial Day - Scriptures to Honor and Remember

Memorial Day is a time to honor those who are serving and have served in the military. It is also a day to remember those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom in giving their lives. When we celebrate Memorial Day, it doesn't mean we are agreeing with our government's decisions and wars, but that we are taking time to recognize those who are willing to protect us. This collection of Bible verses can be used to read or pray in honor of our military.

Find the perfect Bible verse to share on Memorial Day to pay respect and show gratitude for those who have sacrificed.

A Memorial Day Prayer: O God, we give you praise for these people who have allowed us to serve and worship You in freedom. We do not take for granted that there are millions of Christians around the world afraid of prison or even death because of what they believe. Our veterans are a significant reason why we do not fear and we thank You for them.

Heavenly Father who sees all of the hurt, comfort the hearts of those who have lost loved ones in the military. It might seem to us “unfair,” but You are the God who ordains our days. Let us remember those families are still grieving today. Remind them of Your love for them. Their loss provides for us a safe place to live and worship You. Keep those families close to Your heart today. Comfort them and let them know we do not forget their loved one’s sacrifice. Amen. (by Sarah Frazier) Read more Memorial Day Prayers